The Corolla AE92 GT-S Project

A website about my ongoing project

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Before anybody copies or uses information from this website, I'd like your attention for the following:


I have done my best to keep the information on this website correct and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

All the text this website contains comes from my own hand and a lot of what is described comes from my own experiences when working on cars.


I think I can pretty safely say that I know what I'm doing when working on cars.

However, I'd like to point out that I'm not a professional car mechanic!

I'm pretty much entirely self taught when it comes to cars and have not had any form of automotive education.

I can not be held accountable for any kind of damage or other consequences of using information found on this website.


Using information from this website is entirely at your OWN RISK!


If there is anybody knowledgeable that doubts information given on this website or runs into any mistakes I made in the contents, I kindly ask them to contact me so I can check it out and correct it if necessary before anybody runs into trouble because of it. 




My advice to people who would like to work on their own cars, but don't really understand what they are doing, are insecure about the work they are doing or are otherwise reluctant to do certain jobs themselves:


Do not start! Bring the car to a professional that will fix the problem for you!


Use your common sense when tinkering with cars. Always test what you have been working on before you take your car back onto public roads.

Be aware that if you unknowingly do something wrong, you might not only be playing with your own life, but that of those on the road around you.