The Corolla AE92 GT-S Project

A website about my ongoing project

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During this project, I have spend quite some time on-line searching for parts and information. I found a whole lot of garbage and mis-information, but I also found some very good websites with solid and usable information and good places for those hard to find parts.

To make it a bit easier for you guys and save you some searching, I listed a few of these websites on this page.



Corolla websites:


CorollaClub NL:

The site for the Dutch and Belgian Corolla enthousiast!


Ae92 Owners Club:

A international club for enthusiasts of the AE92 Corolla model.


Toyota Nation:

International forum for Toyota fans with a active forum with a section dedicated to the 6th generation of the Corolla.


Russel 'Ozone' site:

Site of the American Russel aka Ozone. Russel owns a Corolla GT-S like mine and works on it a lot. A lot of useful information for the AE92 coupé can be found on his site. He already swapped a 4A-GZE in his car. But that has been removed to shoehorn a Solara V6 in there.


AE92 society Facebook pagina:

The Facebook page of the international AE92 Society.




(I can be found on all these forums under my alias: Blof-fan)


The Dutch Corolla forum:

Pretty active forum with a reasonable amount of members with knowledge on all generations of Corolla's.


AE92 Owners Club forum:

A parts of the UK based website. A reasonably active forum, but they will try to answer any question asked.


Toyota Nation forum:

A forum for all Toyota enthousiasts, every generation Corolla has it's own section. Pretty active and quite a lot of international knowledge.


Club4AG forum:

For the really difficult technical questions you can turn to this forum. Great knowledge of the 4A-GE and everything you can think of has been done to the engines by the people on this forum. A lot can be learned here.






Britsh webshop with a large selection of performance parts for Toyota's. They have developed and build some of the fastest Corolla's and Celica's in the world and know what they're doing.


Biesheuvel autosport:

Dutch webshop with a large assortment of motorsport parts.


Phoenix tuning:

American webshop for automotive instruments and electronics. This is where I got my Dakota Digital gauges from.



Webshop that specializes in parts for water-to-air intercooler systems.


Manon Racing Products:

A New Zealand based company that specializes in performance parts. They developed these parts themselves and test them rigorously in their own AE92 Corolla Levin on the track.

They have some really good, high quality stuff for amongst other things, the 4A-GE engines and AE92 chassis.

Take a look around in their webshop, but be warned, you may become very greedy with all the neat stuff they have!





C.A.R. Toyotaparts:

Dutch car dismantling company that specializes in Toyota's. Have a very large warehouse with all sorts of used Toyota parts. But new Toyota parts can also be bought here for acceptable prices.



The people behind Nengun can bid on you behalf on parts that are auctioned of via Yahoo auctions Japan and arrange transportation of those parts to your doorstep.

They also sell new parts for almost every Japanese car.



International website that works almost like Toyota's own EPC (Electronic parts Catalogue) system. You can find every part and part number for practically every Toyota ever made here.



Dutch webshop for a wholesale in automotive parts with a lot of good quality parts for very reasonable prices. You can even search for replacement parts with Toyota part numbers.






International website by and for Toyota enthusiasts. A lot of knowledge and information on the 4A-GE engine, although the focus of the site has shifted a bit towards the GT86.



Australian Bill Sherwood is very well known name in Toyota circles and has great knowledge on Toyota's and automotive engineering. Has some very good information on general car engineering, light race cars and the 4A-GE in particular. 



Others, relevant to the project:


Toyota dealer de Jonge:

Website of my local Toyota dealer with offices in Flushing and Goes. Nice people and always willing to help. They helped me with a lot of new Toyota parts throughout the years.


Insight Doorsnedes:

Aside from my day job, I also have a part-time business in which I make cut-out models of various objects. I mainly have schools and automotive companies as clients.

On this site you can find a lot of pictures of project I have already done like a Volkswagen DSG and Toyota Prius hybrid gearboxes. But also a complete Toyota 4A-FE engine.


Car upholstery Thierry Wattel:

My brother also runs a small part-time business in which he repairs and reupholsters car interiors and parts. He also does al the interior parts for my car. Take a look at his work on his website which contains a few pictures of projects he has done.


Project Binky! (Bad Obsession Motorsport):

A motorsport company from the UK. Not directly relevant to the project, but something I just didn't want to withhold from you guys. These guys have embarked on a absolutely brilliant project to merge the engine and running gear from a Toyota Celica GT4 with a old Austin Mini. And they do that with incredible skill, style and a good dose of British humor.

So grab a drink, sit back and watch their video blog on their great project. If you are anything like me, you'll become a fan of the project before you know it!


Automobiles of the early 20th century:

I was notified that a young man called Alex Jacobs found this cool website about the early beginnings of the automobile. It is a fun and very informative website so I'd like to share it with everybody here as well.

Good find Alex!


Buying cars with crypto currency:

Clarkson, a student in Mr. Reyes' class has come across this website that explains a few things about buying cars using crypto currency. Very forward thinking stuff if you ask me!

So mr. about upping those grades?