The Corolla AE92 GT-S Project

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The engine

The beating heart of every car: The engine.

Because my car was the sporty GT-S model, it was fitted with a sporty engine too. Within Toyota circles, the 4A-GE engine has a reputation and almost legendary status.

My Corolla was fitted with this mythical motor, but however good it was, there is always room for improvement.

So while it was fully refurbished and rebuild, I made some slight modifications to it as well.

Those modifications should have helped to increase the power output of that engine just a little.


But then the plans for the car changed. Drastically.

The rebuild of the 4A-GE was pretty much complete when a even nicer engine came on my path. And even though it was a pretty hard decision (I just poured a lot of money in the 4A-GE) but I decided that I was going to ditch the 4A-GE in favor of a 4A-GZE. In essence a 4A-GE with a supercharger strapped to it.

That makes an already nice and fun engine even nicer!


I have some plans with that 4A-GZE as well, but they haven't been realized yet. If there is any progress on that, it will be placed here!


Because the 4A-GE is the engine that came with the car and I did a whole lot of work to it, I'm going to list both engines on these engine pages.


With the links below, you can visit the different pages and read about what I did and see all the pictures that were made during the process.