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Dismantling the E-58 gearbox

Still mated to the new 4A-GZE engine, was the gearbox that goes with that engine.

For the Sprinter and Corolla GT-Z models, that was a manual 5-speed gearbox from Toyota's E-series gearboxes.

The 4A-GZE came with the E-28 gearbox, which is stronger but also heavier than the C-series gearbox used on the normally aspirated 4A-GE engine.

But it had to be a bit beefier to handle the added power and torque the 4A-GZE could produce.


But I haven't started working on this gearbox yet and it is still mated to the engine. When I get around to it, this E-58 gearbox will also be stripped down for a full rebuild.

When I start with that, it can all be read here on this page.


4A-GZE engine with E58 attached