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Removing rust from interior parts

Most of the parts, brackets and such that make up or support the dashboard etc. haven't had any treatment to prevent them from rusting. They are always in a nice and dry environment, so they don't really need to be.

When I removed them from the car, they didn't have a speck of rust on them yet.


But my former workshop I started this project in wasn't really a very ideal place for bare metal parts as it could be pretty damp. So most of them had started to rust.


Various interior parts befor cleaning


And I wasn't planning on bolting them back into the car like that. So I took them all apart to sandblast them and give them a nice coat of paint to prevent them from rusting again.


Sandblasting is by far the preferred method to remove all the rust so I invested in my own sandblasting cabinet early on in the project. It is large enough for most parts and makes refurbishing parts like this a breeze compared to sanding them or removing the rust with a wire brush. And besides that, it is way more efective to as it removes the rust from deep in the metal where wire brushes just don't always get to. 


Sandblasting cabinet with air filtration


There are several media that can be used in cabinets like this. One is more abrasive than the other. I use fine glass beads. This is a pretty mild blasting media that can even be used to clean aluminum and other soft metals without damaging them. It also leaves a nice even surface finish that can directly be spray painted. 


Sandblasted and painted pedals


 All interior parts cleaned and painted


That looks a whole lot better and is now ready to be installed back into the car again.