The Corolla AE92 GT-S Project

A website about my ongoing project

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Dismantling the interior

The interior of the car would have to be taken out before I could do anything to it.


First, the big parts came out like the seats and the rear bench came out. That created a whole lot of extra room on the inside of the car and I had easier access to the rest of the interior parts.


Partially gutted interior  Partially dismantled rear of car


And when you get going and things are moving along nicely, you just tinker on and before you know it, the rest of the interior is sitting next to the car too.

Most of the interior is held in place with clips and some screws. So undoing a few screws (which you might have to search for a while. Toyota hides them out of sight) and you can usually just yank most parts of.


Dashboard and wiring loom  Floor pan


And by the end of the day, you are left with a great big pile of parts.


Interior parts


And there are just a few parts left in the car to unbolt. But after the pedals, gearlever, handbrake, wiring harness  and the roof liner were removed, the inside of the car was completely gutted.


Empty firewall  Roof liner removed