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Glove box lighting

Standard equipment on practically every new car nowadays, but not so in the time the Corolla coupé was build: A light in the glove box.

Nothing more annoying then having to search for your papers, a map or something else in the glove box in the dashboard in the dark and not seeing what you need. And the solution to that is so simple. Just add a little light in there. It wasn't there yet, so then I'll just have to build one in there myself.


At the junkyard, I had taken the light out of the boot of a Corolla hatchback with the idea it could come in handy some day. And now it did. It's a nice small size, pretty bright and it has a little switch in it so I could switch the light off if needed for some reason.


I cut a hole in the back of the glove box of the right size. The light had to clip in that hole, which it did, but I wanted it to be a bit more secure so it wouldn't rattle or something like that.

So by fusing the plastic together I made sure it wasn't going anywhere anymore. It doesn't look very pretty from the back, but it works and can't be seen from inside the car. 


The hole made in the rear of the glovebox


I took the little switch from a Toyota Avensis that switches the glove box light on and of in that car. It is installed in the dashboard and the lid of the glove box pushes up against it when closed.

This switches the light of, opening the glove box automatically switches the light on. I still have to install that little switch in the coupé dashboard, but that will be done when everything is installed in the car and can be wired up.


The light installed in the glove box