The Corolla AE92 GT-S Project

A website about my ongoing project

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The interior

The interior was perhaps the worst and most worn part of the entire car. The upholstery of the seat was torn, the mats ware worn through, there was a weird cover over the steering wheel and everything just felt dirty and funky. It all looked a little tired and worn and was in much need a some attention.


When I first bought the car, I planned to just reupholster a few parts and touch up the rest of the interior here and there. But after a while, that plan got a little out of hand.


I'll spend most of my time with the car right there in the interior behind the wheel, so why not alter it a bit so it will be more up to my standards? But because my standard are pretty high and I had to means and opportunity to do so, I ended up making a lot of custom parts and modifying a great deal of the interior.


A new set of pedals, a new gear knob, new handbrake lever, digital instrument cluster and even the dashboard itself wasn't left untouched. I went all out here!


You can use the links below to visit the different pages and read the whole story on how I went about the fabrication and modifications. You can also see all the pictures that were taken during the process.