The Corolla AE92 GT-S Project

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The main clutch cylinder

The main clutch cylinder can't be forgotten when every single part of the car is rebuild.

The last time I drove the car it worked just fine, but since it already has seen some years of service I figured it would be a good thing to have a look at it and clean it up a little.

I could have just replaced the whole thing, but they can be pretty expensive. And there are also rebuild kits for these and that seemed more fun to do.


Main clutch cylinder


So let's first take the thing apart and see what needs to be done to it.


Main clutch cylinder in parts

All the parts cleaned and where necessary sandblasted.


Most of the thing is made up of aluminum parts and although that can't really rust, I still painted it so it would withstand corrosion for a while (aluminum oxide isn't a nice sight under the hood as well).

I also used a permanent marker to accentuate the level indication on the reservoir a little. 


Refurbished main clutch cylinder

The end result, better than new!