The Corolla AE92 GT-S Project

A website about my ongoing project

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The body

A lot of work has gone into the body and chassis of the car. The car was build back in 1988 and as thus already has a whole life behind it.

I looked the body over before I bought it and knew where to look for the weak spots on this car (wheel arches, sills, etc.). But you just can't spot everything on a car with the sideskirts and interior still in place. But what I saw then wasn't all to bad.


When I started to dismantle the car I found a few rusty area's, but all in all, the body was pretty sound rust wise.

Rust is the big Achilles heel with these cars and I've seen some horror pictures of rotten through panels on various forums etc.


But when I really started to work on the body and chassis, some things didn't add up and I discovered that the car has had some damage somewhere in it's past.

It was professionally repaired, but you can't get a banged up front like that 100% straight again. And when you try to get some new body panels on there again, things start to go south.

But the damage it had sustained was more substantial than I first thought and couldn't be fixed with just some new panels. The chassis itself would need some work.


How I went about all that work can be read on these pages. You can get to the pages you want to read via the links below. There you can see all the pictures and read the whole story about what I've done.