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'The Mechanic' page has been updated too. I've been working with a new employer for quite some time now, so I added this to my list with employers and work experience. I learn new things and skill everywhere that might aid me in this project.


And I almost forgot to mention a few parts I sourced this year as well.


I've been thinking about what I want to do with my 4A-GZE and what setup I want to run with that.

I came up with some idea's and I already started to source some parts for that. Like the drive-by-wire setup from a GT86. Found a throttle body and accelaratorpedal on Ebay in the states for a very decent price, so had that shipped over.


GT86 DBW throttle setup


And another parcel arrived from Japan a few weeks ago.

Although I already imported a set of power folding and adjustable mirrors before, I found another nice set on an auctionsite in Japan for a price I couldn't resist.

The nice thing about having a second set is that these JDM mirrors have RHD orientated mirror glass in them. Since our LHD euro mirrors have the same shape, I want to try and swap the mirror glasses from RHD to LHD to match the rest of my LHD car.

If, for whatever reason, I manage to break one of the mirrors or the mechanisme inside breaks. I still have a good set I can still use.


JDM spiegels 





First of, let me start with wishing everybody all the very best for the new year. 2020 has been a very weird and challenging year for all of us, so lets hope that 2021 will be a lot better.


Although last year I haven't really kept the website up to date and work on the car didn't really progress all that much, I wasn't just sitting on my ass the whole year.


While I was busy updating the website, I also added a few new pages!

To document how I go about the storage of all the parts, you can now read all about that on a dedicated page:

Storing parts.


And because I have been inventoring all the parts during the move, I came across a lot of parts I wasn't going to use on my car. So I have created a 'for sale' section on this website.

There is a link to that page in the navigationbar to the left of this page as well. So if you are looking for any parts, you might want to have a look at this page: For sale page.


But we've been busy at the workshop too:

After the the big move to the new workshop, we still had a lot of work to set it up, get it to our liking and to get everything stored where we wanted.

I also invested a bit in new tools and spend a lot of time making new workbenches and getting our workspace up and running.


new workbench


new workbench ready


And there was some work done to the car as well. Everything I bolted to the car for the big move was removed and safely stored away, and the car has been placed in its rotissery again:


project car moved   Project car in rotisserie

From what started to look like a car again, back to a stripped out body in the rotissery.


Parts in storage   parts in storage

Custom crates for storage of large parts of the car.


And I also sourced some parts again. I was lucky enough to find a very rare, almost complete set of New Old Stock Trueno zenki bumper lights! So I had those shipped to The Netherlands.


Trueno Zenki bumper lights


All in all, no shocking updates. But I just wanted to let you know that the project is still very much alive.

I hope all of you take a look at the new webpages, especially the new for sale section.


I'll try to do more updates this year. Watch this space!




Right, it has been far to long since the last update.
Rest assured that the project isn't dead yet. But it has (again) moved to a different location. The reason for that was simple: More space for less money. So when the opportunity presented itself, that was a no brainer.
But we did have to set up a new workshop completly from scratch.

That took some time and I haven't been able to work on the car since then.



But I have been picking up where I left of since a few weeks. Work on the car will start again soon.

But first I'll bring the website back up to date.


I've updated the page on the boot upholstery with the last work I did before the move to the new workshop, so you can already read up on that.



The picture gallery on the website hasn't been working for quite some time. I didn't manage to get to grips to the how and why of that problem. That resulted in having to set up the whole gallery again. It works again now, but I still have to upload and catagorise around 1200 pictures. That might take some time again, but I'll sort that out as soon as possible.


Meanwhile, check back for updates on the website and the Facebook page!




Now that the battery is relocated to the boot of the car, the upholstery back there has to be altered as well to accomodate the battery. I'm still in the middle of these modifications, but I still wanted to share how I was getting on with this project.

I created a new page for this in the work done/interior pages.


trunk liner





It's been a while since the last update, but although the website hasn't been updated, work did continue to the car. I got a bit fed up with welding patches and repairing rust to the bodywork. So I decided to do something else to keep it interesting for myself.

The battery still had to be relocated from the front, to the rear of the car. I had a few idea's for that, so I wanted to tackle this job next.

There is a dedicated page created under the work done/miscellaneous part of the site.


The photo gallery has been updated with the latest pictures as well.


laswerk kont auto schoongestraalde wielkuip





I've updated some of the pages in 'the body' section of the website.

The page about welding the panel seams of the body has been updated and the page dedicated to welding and repairing rust in the body has also had an update.


laswerk kont auto schoongestraalde wielkuip





It's been a while since the last update, as I haven't had much time for the car the past few months.

But that is changing and I am working on it again. It's up in the rotisserie again so I can work on the rear right wheel well where the last pieces of rust needs to be removed.

When I have anyting to report on that, I'll post it on this website.


Other news regarding the project is that there is now a new Facebook page especially for the project!


I'll use that page to complement all the info that is posted on this webpage with small news and messages about news in relation to the project.

All the pictures and details will still be posted on this website so they will complement one another.


So head on over to the Facebook page and like and share it.


 Facebook logo





A few pages have been updated with the latest new on the car. You can read what and how I repaired a few pieces of the body on the welding 2015 page and you can read and see how the stitch welding on the body is coming along on the stitch welding the body page.


reparatie achterzijde doorlassen binnenzijde


And I noticed and fixed a slight bug on the website. I made a nice tips & tricks page where I try to give some of you, who are thinking about starting a project of their own, a few pointers on how to start.

I forgot to add a link to that page so it was hidden for you guys. But I corrected that now and a link has been added to the navigation bar on the left.

You can now visit the Tips & Tricks page and maybe learn from my mistakes.





I've added a few more technical articles to the website.

Wanted to know what a Lambda sensor does and how it works? You can now read all about it on the tech pages on this website. You can also read all about the wideband Lambda and the Drivebelt.





A little more welding has been going on inside the car. Another rotten piece has been removed and some more fresh metal welded in! Bit by bit, the body is getting there. You can read all about it on the welding 2015 page.


gaping hole in wheel well





I've added some more tech pages. Want to know more about the sparkplug, blueprinting, the 4A-GE 20V Silvertop en Blacktop engines? Or what the term bluetop actually means?

These pages are now on-line and you can read all about it on the tech pages again!





I've started to write and place the tech pages again. But that is a lot of work and it will take me some considerable time before all the pages are back up on the site. So you can expect a new tech page coming on-line every now and then over the coming months.

But the first two pages are back on-line and placed on the site! You can now read all about the 4A-GE and 4A-GZE engines again.

Keep posted for more tech pages in the near future!


4A-GE motor





I've been able to work on the car a little yesterday. I'm still busy to eradicate the rust from the body of the car, which still requires welding in some repair patches. So you can see the latest content on the 'welding 2015' page of the website.





The photo gallery is up and running again as well. It was renewed and filled with all the pictures taken during the entire project. It also contains a lot of pictures and detail shots that can't be found on the rest of the website.

Only the tech pages have to be added again, but that will be done shortly. So please keep checking the website for more updates.





Regular visitors will have noticed that the site has been completely renewed again!

There have been pages added like 'Tips & Tricks' and now I even have a 'FAQ' page. I also changed the way the 'work done' pages are viewed. I first crammed everything about a certain part of the car on one page in a chronologic order, so you guys had to scroll your fingers off to read it all or find a certain part on that page.

Now all the 'little project' within the project have their own page which makes it easier to find and better to read.

And everything looks just looks that little sharper if you ask me.


I hope you guys like it. It was a lot of work again, so I'd certainly like to hear from you guys what you think and if there are any more things I can improve on the site.

You can send me an E-mail or leave a message in the new guestbook.





And as for the car itself. I'm still busy with the body of the car. A lot of welding had to be done to weld in new patches of steel where rust had played it's cruel game. I had some panel seams to stitch weld too.


Underside of my Corolla AE92 GT-S