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The gearbox

The gearbox is usually a part of the car that is forgotten in most amateur projects for a few reasons.

Mostly because people are just afraid to get started in them as they are pretty complex parts that need a high degree of precision and special tools.

Another reason is because they mostly don't really need to be opened up as they seldom wear out or cause problems like say an engine does.


Well, not in this project of course.

Because I have worked in gearbox maintenance and refurbishing, I figured I could handle this gearbox as well.

They don't really often cause problems, but they are susceptible to wear.

And as it is a very important part of the driveline and one of the main parts that gets the power from the engine transferred to the road and can even affect handling, I wanted to make sure it was in pristine condition.


Again, after the plans for the car changed dramatically, the original C-52 gearbox that came with the car wasn't going to return back into it.

The new 4A-GZE engine came with the corresponding gearbox still bolted to it. This stronger E-58 gearbox has different gear ratio's than the C-52 and was a lot beefier to handle the added power and torque produced by the mighty 4A-GZE.


And again, a lot of money and time was already spend refurbishing the old C-52 gearbox that was pulled from the car. It was completely rebuild with new bearings, gaskets, synchromesh rings and I even replaced the stock open differential with a Quaife ATB LSD differential.

Because this rebuild was already completely done, I will dedicate a few pages to this gearbox, so you guys can read all about this process.


Use the links below to go to the corresponding page on this website, where you can read the whole story and see all the pictures made during the process.